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The following is a very haphazard collection of some of my published writings over the past decade or so. This is all material that was on the old Friends of the Earth Australia website, will move material over as I have time. Comments most welcome:

It may take some time to transfer files. Because many articles are fairly old links may not always work.


  • International solidarity & global perspectives

The Nigeria Delta, oil interests and community resistance, 10 years after the death of Ken Saro Wiwa. [November 2006].

External Debt, Ecological Debt – Who Owes Who?

Environmental Justice, Ecological Debt and Environmental Space: a framework for change? [2004]

International conference on human and environmental rights, Colombia [2003]

Resistance at Big Mountain [2000]

Resistance as a strategy for sustainability Ecuador [1999]

  • Australian environment

At the 2014 Victorian election, the green battle ground will be a paddock, not a forest [2012]

VIC Coalition choking wind farm dream [2011]

The ALP, North South pipeline and scare politics [2009]

Melbourne: sprawl, liveability and climate change [2008]

What the federal government State of the Environment report says (and doesn’t). [2006]

  • movement politics

Can market-based mechanisms save the planet? [2004]

the social movements after 911. Some reflections on environmental and social justice campaigning in the changed realities post September 11. [2002]

The green movement in the 21st century [2002]

Environmental justice and community campaigning [2000]

  • climate change

A reaction to the Victorian Climate Change Bill [2010].

Hope, despair and resilience [2009]

Climate change imperatives, water intensity and re-localisation of agriculture [2008]

Global warming and low income communities [2007]

  • Reviews

Finding Your Way to the Greens: From Lake Pedder to green capitalism? [2008]

The 3rd Degree, Frontline in Australia’s climate war [2007]

Decolonising Nature. Strategies for Conservation in a Post-Colonial Era [2003]

Green Power; The environment movement in Australia [2000]

  • bioregionalism

Basically, bioregionalism is simply a new name for an old practise. It comes from “Bio” – life, “Region” – a physical or geographic boundary, and “ism” – the human part- the practise of how we relate to and live with a particular place. Although you can trace the idea of bioregionalism back as far as you can trace the story of humanity, as a theory, it has it’s recent roots in the popular movements of the 1960’s.

If you’re interested in this topic, please check my seperate site on bioregional thinking and south east Australia.


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