Short biography

Cam Walker is the campaigns co-ordinator with Friends of the Earth in Melbourne.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) is a grassroots, community-based environmental organisation and Cam is responsible for co-ordinating the various campaigns and projects of the organisation. FoE takes a community empowerment approach to its campaigns. Cam has worked for decades with indigenous communities and organisations, trade unions and civil society groups. For the past five years his key priority has been to gain a permanent ban on the process of fracking and a strong renewable energy target (VRET) in the state of Victoria. These successful campaigns were effective because they built strong alliances with rural and regional communities.

Cam spent a decade working with FoE International, with experience in environmental campaigning in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

In Australia he has been deeply involved in government lobby efforts, the media, and working with peak groups from across society.

He is a high school teacher by training, with a background in terrestrial ecology.


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